Подписано простой электронной подписью: Седелков Дмитрий Владимирович.

Russia has been a destination for foreign students from the times of the Soviet Union (USSR). Since then, KSMU was one of the medical schools from which foreign students were graduating in ample amounts. Currently, 450 students from 46 countries are studying in KSMU. More than 500 our foreign medical graduates and 200 Post graduates and Fellows currently success fully working all over the world, which explain the popularity of KSMU among foreigners.

Medium Of Study:

For the Russian students the language of instruction is Russian, but foreign students can choose between Russian and English medium.

The university had commenced English-medium courses in 2003. All the lectures, practicals, laboratory studies, seminars, tests, examinations, state examinations for English medium are conducted in English language.

For the English medium students, along with other subjects, Russian Language will also be taught as an independent subject for 4 years, in order to communicate with patients as well as the locals.

Academic year: Each academic year begins on 1st of September.


There are 2 Semesters in the academic year:

  • Autumn Semester — From September to January ,
  • Spring Semester — From February to June.

Curriculum: The curriculum can be seen here


There are examinations at the end of both semesters. The dates of examinations (Session Period) are determined by the Rector, but the examination dates for individual disciplines within the session period are decided by students and faculty members by mutual agreement.

Student’s performance during the Examinations is Graded as: «Satisfactory»; «Good»; «Excellent» or «Unsatisfactory».

In order to appear for the exam, a Student must have passed all the Credit-Tests, and must have fulfilled the 100 % attendance


All students have their vacations twice a year.

  • Summer vacations: from July 1 to August 31.
  • Winter vacations: from January 15 to February 7.