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Foreign citizens and people without citizenship have the right to get a higher education within the budget in accordance with international treaties and federal laws of the Russian Federation or the quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation for the education of foreign citizens and people without citizenship, as well as at the expense of individuals and legal entities in accordance with the agreements on the provision of paid educational services.

Preparatory pre-university department for international students

Training on subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Russian language, 10 months’ study period

The beginning of training – 1st of October 2023.

After the graduation from the preparatory pre-university department international students are issued a standard certificate. BUT such students are not exempt from entrance exams on admission to KSMU.

Students of the preparatory pre-university department are NOT provided with a dormitory.

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Specialist programs:

31.05.01 - General Medicine (in Russian or English language), 6 years’ study period
31.05.02 - Pediatrics (in Russian language), 6 years’ study period
31.05.03 - Dentistry (in Russian or English language), 5 years’ study period
32.05.01 - Medical and Preventive Care (in Russian language), 6 years’ study period
33.05.01 - Pharmacy (in Russian or English language), 5 years’ study period
30.05.01 - Medical Biochemistry (in Russian language), 6 years’ study period
30.05.02 - Medical Biophysics (in Russian language), 6 years’ study period

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Bachelor programs:

34.03.01 - Nursing (in Russian language), 4 years’ study period
39.03.02 - Social work (in Russian language), 4 years’ study period

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Postgraduate education

KSMU conducts postgraduate and supplementary education of medical, pharmaceutical, and social work of the following types:

- Clinical residency program in 49 specialities

- PhD-studentship in 42 specialities

- Professional retraining, further advanced training or clerkship

- Thematic and general advanced courses of doctors and pharmacists with work experience

- Advancing the qualification of college teachers

- Providing methodical help, organization of qualified examinations for interns from the medical institutions in Tatarstan and Mary El

- Primary specialization of doctors and pharmacists on 35 specializations

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Secondary vocational education (College of Medicine and Pharmacy)

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Documents submission form (before exams): online by the link


Application deadlines:

from 20.06.2023 to 31.09.2023 - for Preparatory pre-university department

from 20.06.2023 to 15.08.2023 - for Specialist and Bachelor programs

from 03.07.2023 to 12.08.2023 - for Clinical residency program

from 27.06.2023 to 11.07.2023 (inclusively) - for PhD-studentship



Academic year: each academic year begins on 1st of September.

Semester: there are 2 semesters in the academic year:

  • autumn semester — from September to January
  • spring semester — from February to June

Curriculum: the curriculum can be seen here


There are examinations at the end of both semesters. The dates of examinations (Session Period) are determined by the Rector, but the examination dates for individual disciplines within the session period are decided by students and faculty members by mutual agreement.

Student’s performance during the examinations is graded as: «Unsatisfactory», «Satisfactory», «Good», «Excellent».

In order to appear for the exam, a student must have passed all the Credit-Tests and must have fulfilled the 100 % attendance.

Vacations: all students have their vacations twice a year:

  • summer vacations: from July 1 to August 31
  • winter vacations: from January 15 to February 7
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