Basic Science


Academic research activity of the university covers a wide range of areas in clinical elaboration on the problems of physiology and pathology of the cardiovascular system, diagnostics and treatment of malignant neoplasms, age peculiarities of children in the normal and pathological states, modern methods of curing dental diseases, problems in diagnostics and prophylaxis of infectious diseases, illnesses of mother, fetus and newborn, occupational medicine, and the basics of pharmacy.

Traditionally the most developed scientific areas at the university are the developments in basic science. The scientific groups of neurophysiology laboratories of the departments of physiology, medical biophysics and histology work on the highest European level. During the last year we’ve got priority data on mechanism of release of the mediator in the neuromuscular synapse, its interaction with postsynaptic membrane, peculiarities of neuron structure and functioning.

The department of biochemistry, headed by academician D. Zubairov created and proved the theory of continued blood coagulation and worked out technology of getting human blood preparations for clinical tests. This work was recognized and he was decorated by the State award of Russian Federation.

The award and diploma were given by the Academy of Science to recognize the program «Blood circulation in the brain», the university also received State award from the Tatarstan Republic in the areas of science and technology for physiology and pharmacology, 5 awards VDNH, medals from Check Academy of Science named after I. Gavki and Y. Purkinie for the achievements in biophysics, award from the European and Russian linguistic competitions for introducing the theory of the convergent development of languages of the euro-american area, as well as the encouragement award from the Soros Fund .

The department of pharmacology with chemical laboratories elaborated and approbated medicine from phosphororganic compounds. Now they are investigating pharmacological characteristics of some antiblastomic preparations. During the last years university has developed and introduced into the clinical practice the following drugs «Ksimedon», «Fibronektin», «Fosphobenzid», «Glizifon», «Mefopran», «Tetramezin», ‘Bacterial ribonucleasa».

Members of the staff participate in the development of six international programs. For the last five years more than 200 reports were presented at the international conferences, symposiums and conferences (France, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Check Republic, England, USA, Holland, Italy, France, China).

University is extensively developing academic contacts with scientists in USA, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Check Republic and France.

There are three scientific councils which supervise the process of defending the thesis in 9 specializations: internal diseases, cardiology, hygiene, pediatrics, pathological physiology, normal physiology, dentistry, pharmaceutics, organization of healthcare. Student scientific society works regularly and is quite active. Especially for the distinguished students special scholarships named after remarkable scientists of the Kazan medical school are being given out.