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KSMU represents the leading scientific schools of Russia and the most relevant research studies. According to an independent rating Administrative wingagency "RateOR" in the field of education among all Russian universities’ scientific achievements rating only 3 of Universities of Kazan are in the top fifty and Kazan Medical University holds the second result after Kazan State University. Only five of the best medical universities of the country have been included in the rating, among them Kazan Medical University firmly holds the third place, after Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov and after Russian State Medical University!

Training of highly qualified specialists is conducted in 40 specialties in PhD-studentship and in 5 specialties of doctoral studies. The University has two doctoral Academic Councils in 7 specialties and is planning to establish a third Council in 2 more specialties.

In the University the centers of  science and innovation has been created. As a part, the Research and Education Center was established; "Molecular and Cellular Medicine" the innovative program of which received a Federal grant.

KSMU — is the only University in Russia which has a "Stem Cell Bank".

Every year the faculty members conduct innovative scientific research and receive large number of grants from the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research and from the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, from various National and International organizations. Throughout the year, KSMU organizes and hosts dozens of international, national and regional conferences, summer schools for young researchers, fellows on the most relevant issues of contemporary science.

KSMU is the founder of two journals in which the Higher Attestation Commission recommends to publish the scientific research results. The vast majority of professors of KSMU are in the editorial boards of scientific and practical Russian and International journals.

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