Cost of Living

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Your expenses depend, of course, on your lifestyle. If you cook for yourself it will cost you about $100 a month to buy food. If you live with a family you spend less on food.

Stores and markets in Kazan provide a wide variety of familiar foods at affordable prices. Please note that the cost of living in Kazan is much lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.


All prices are in US dollars

A taxi ride in Moscow: from center to suburbs — about $6 -$10 US, otherwise it’s about $0.4 per kilometer and about 20% less in smaller towns.

A bed in a dorm room of a hostel: from $20

A *** hotel room: $80-$150

A ***** hotel room: >$250

1 metro trip: $0.5, 1 bus trip: $0.5

A lunch in a restaurant (business hours) for 1 person $8-$10.

All you can eat: about $12

A loaf of bread $0.5

A pack of milk: $1

1 kg of bananas $0.8, 1 kg of apples $1.2, 1 kg of oranges $1-$1.5, 1 kg of tomatoes: $1, 1 kg of potatoes $0.4-$0.6

A pack of rice: $1, 1 kg of chicken filet: $3-$4, 1 kg of meat: $2-$5, 1 kg of fish filet $4.

Fine for not registering your your visa and stay: $30

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