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All individuals who plan to stay in Kazan for three months or longer must undergo a medical examination (including an HIV Blood Test) and obtain a certificate indicating that their health permits them to stay in the Russian climate. If health reasons prevent an admitted candidate from studying in the Russian Federation, he/she will have to leave Russia. The health certificate must indicate that the applicant has no contraindications for study abroad. The health certificate must be issued by an official medical institution of the visitor’s country of residence. English or Russian translation of the certificate is required.

The HIV test should be completed no earlier than a month before entering Russia.

Generally, Russia is the same as any European country in terms of health risks. So, if you’re OK living in Europe, US, Canada, Australia or elsewhere you don’t need to take any special preventive measures before coming to Russia.

Staying in Russia, we recommend to be careful when you buy food outside, always wash fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to keep your hands clean.

Every student is bound by contract to buy a medical insurance with a limit of at least 15,000 US$. More information about medical insurance can be obtained at the Dean’s office.

If you are looking for western standard health care you can go to private clinics. You will have to pay as much as in Europe or US. It is also advisable to ask your Russian friends if they know a good doctor, as this arrangement can save you a lot of money. The bigger state hospitals have good doctors, so in case of emergency you can use them.

Most of the people need health insurance to be treated at a hospital, however, some countries have reciprocal health care agreements with Russia. For example, British nationals do not need health insurance in Russia, as their domestic health insurance is valid in Russia as well.

Contact your local health care office for details.

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