Post Offices & Courier Services

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If you want to send something by post from Russia, you can do it either through the government post offices or by courier services. The state post office is cheaper but slow. Even if you pay extra to send things by priority air mail, they can still take two weeks to reach Europe.

The Main Post Office (Address: Kremlevskaya Ul., 8. Open Mon-Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-18:00) also has an ATM and offers faxing, photocopying, internet and telephone services for low prices. You can buy stamps and send your mail from here. There are many other post offices around Kazan which offer only mailing and sometimes telephone services.

There are Post offices near all KSMU hostels.

Courier Services are much more reliable and fast but also far more expensive. A letter will take about three or four days to reach Europe and cost around $50 to send. Packages will cost more, depending on their weight:

UPS: Gabdulla Kariev str., 6 — 131. Tel: 214-99-41. More information at

DHL: Peterburzhskaya Ul., 50. Tel: 204-08-88. More information at

FedEx: Peterburgskaya Ul., 50/24. Tel: 227-42-00. More.information on

Pony Express: Hadi Atlasi Ul., 15. Tel: 295-82-89. More information on

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