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In the XVIII century on the territory of modern Russia medical schools were established only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the 14th of May (2nd of May according to the old calendar) 1814 the first meeting of the Academic Council of the «Department of Doctoral or Medical sciences» of Kazan Imperial University was held, and on this day began the two century long history of KSMU.

The founders of the Medical Faculty and of the first departments were anatomists I.O. Braun (the first elected rector of the University) and E.F. Aristov, physicians F.Kh. Erdman (the first Dean of the Medical Faculty), K.F. Fuchs, N.A. Skandovsky, surgeons P.A. Dubovitskii, F.O. Elacic, A.A. Kitter, obstetrician A.E. Lentovsky. The opening of the Anatomy Theater (1837), the University’s «old» clinic (1840) and of the Physiology Building (1890) played an important role in the development of Medical Faculty.

Throughout the XIX century the Medical Faculty of Kazan University remained the only institution of higher education that trained doctors for the Volga, Ural and Siberian regions.

bechterevIn the 60-90s of XIX century in Kazan, several Scientific-Medical Schools of National and European level were established, they were associated with the names of famous scientists like anatomists P.F. Lesgaft, V.N. Tonkov, histologist K.A. Arnshtein, physiologists N.O. Kovalevsky, N.A. Mislavsky, A.F. Samoilov, biochemist A.Ya. Danilevsky, pharmacologists A.A. Sokolovsky, I.M. Dogel’, pathologists A.V. Petrov, N.V. Lyubimov, F.Ya. Chistovich, pathophysiologists V.V. Pashutin, I.G. Savchenko, therapists N.A. Vinogradov, N.I. Kotovschikov, A.N. Kazem-Bek, S.S. Zimnitskiy, surgeons L.L. Levshin, N.I. Studensky, an obstetrician-gynecologist N.N. Phenomenov, psychiatrist V.M. Bekhterev (on the picture), neurologist L.O. Darkshevich, ophthalmologist E.V. Adamyuk, hygienists A.I. Jacobi, I.P. Skvortsov, M.Ya. Kapustin.

In the year 1900 a clinical campus of the Medical Faculty was built, it included 4 similarly designed buildings and a hospital church in the name of Varsonofev’. This event gave an impulse to the development of new Scientific-Clinical Schools: a dermatovenereologic one (founder A.G. Ge), a pediatric one (P.M. Argutinsky-Dolgoruky, V.K. Menshikov), an obstetric-gynecologic one (S.V. Gruzdev), a surgical one (V.I. Razumovsky).

vishnevskiiIn the Soviet era the Scientific School of Kazan Medical University was further developed by  distinguished scientistssuch as anatomist V.N. Ternovsky, histologist A.N. Mislavsky, physiologist A.V. Vishnevsky (on the picture), ophthalmologists V.V. Chirkovsky and A.P. Nesterov, neurologist L.I. Omorkov, hygienist V.V. Miloslavsky.

Among the alumni of the Kazan Medical School are 38 Academicians and Associate Members of the Academy of Sciences and Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia. Among the world’s discoveries made by our graduates: the process of oxidative phosphorylation (V.A. Engelgardt), experimental proof of the involvement of mediators in interneuronal signal transmission (A.V. Kibyakov, 1933), the phenomenon of the scleral sinus blockade (A.P. Nesterov, 1985).

Many prominent healthcare administrators and Ministers of Health of the USSR, Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan are graduates of our University: N.A. Semashko, Z.P. Solov’ev, F.G. Mukhamedyarov, S.V. Kurashov, I.Z. Mukhutdinov, A.D. Tsaregorodov, R.U. Khabriev, K.Sh. Ziyatdinov, A.Z. Farrakhov.

In the year 1930 the Medical Faculty of Kazan State University was transformed into an independent educational institution — an Institute which in the year 1994 acquired the status of a Medical University. During the period of its existence the University has trained about 60 000 specialists, out of which 4493 professional were trained before the year 1917.

 Remarkable Milestones

  • 5th November (according to the old calendar) 1804 The Emperor Alexander I declares in his royal command to establish a University in the city of Kazan
  • 14th of May (2nd of May according to the old calendar) 1814 — Establishment of the «Department of Doctoral or Medical sciences» of Kazan University
  • 1837 — The Anatomy Theatre was built
  • 1840 — The University Clinic was opened
  • 1858 — The Physiology Laboratory is launched
  • 1893 — The first editions of «The Neurology Newsletter» are published
  • 1900 — The complex of University Clinics starts functioning; the Bacteriological Institute is established on the basis of the Medical Faculty
  • 1901 — The first editions of «Kazan Medical Journal» are published
  • 5th November, 1930 — the Medical Faculty of Kazan State University is reorganized into Kazan State Medical Institute
  • 1930 — Establishment of the Faculty of Prophylactic Medicine (Sanitary Medicine)
  • 1932 — The Pediatric Faculty is created
  • 1954 — Establishment of the Dental Faculty
  • 1975 — Training at the Pharmaceutical Faculty is launched
  • 1991 — The Faculty of Social Work is established
  • 1994 — The Faculty of Management and Higher Nursing Education starts functioning
  • 29th of April 1994 — Kazan State Medical Institute is reorganized and acquires the status of Kazan State Medical University
  • 14th May 2014 — 200th Jubilee.
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