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Wi-Fi Access in Russia

There are many wi-fi hotspots in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. Many of them are free, some charge 2-5$ per hour. In Kazan you can find free wi-fi in Shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. For example in Mcdonald’s. There are wi-fi hotspots at KSMU hostels.

Mobile Internet Access in Russia

Russian mobile operators offer very cheap LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G and Edge internet access service. The main mobile operators in Russia are MTS, BeeLine and Megafon.

Internet Cafes in Russia

Internet cafes in Russia are usually opened 24 hours a day and offer many additional services like scanning, saving data, business conferences etc. One hour of connection usually costs about 30R-60R, discounts are available during the night and for students.

ADSL Broadband Internet and LAN Networks

High-speed (broadband) internet services are provided by LAN (local area networks) and ADSL providers almost in any Russian city. Kazan has multiple internet service providers. To get connected to ADSL, you should contact the provider and give them your address. Within two weeks they’re going to set up the connection (which usually costs about $50-$100 with equipment, if it is needed), and you will be able to start using the internet. The prices for traffic vary, but most ADSL providers offer unlimited traffic for 10 -20$ per month. There are no long-term contracts, in most cases you can cancel your subscription with 1-month notice.

Dial-Up Internet Access

The 5-pin telephone plugs are used in Russia. However, a lot of plugs have also a socket for standard RJ American plug. If not, the adaptor is available in any appliance store and costs not more than 1$. It is very rare to find this service as high speed broadband internet is available everywhere.

Most known internet providers are Russia-On-Line (modem access number in the main Russian cities) and GTS in Kazan. One hour costs around 35 roubles, the maximum connection speed you’ll get is 33600 bps. Before connecting, be careful to set the dialling mode to pulse (NOT tone), and dial the ISP access number without any codes and prefixes. Also, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to dial more than once, because the lines are often busy. Also you should login (as a guest) on the server of the provider. The server will confirm your subscription and after you connect again, you will be able to start using the internet.

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