Medical volunteers

Подписано простой электронной подписью: Седелков Дмитрий Владимирович.

The social movement "Medical Volunteers" is aimed at organizing volunteer activities in medical institutions of the country and uniting medical teams for the exchange of experience and methodological assistance. The purpose of the social movement is to create a professional community of medical volunteers.
Volunteers are students of medical educational institutions who are directly interested in gaining work experience in medical institutions and at major events.
A young person can become a medical volunteer (m/f):
- at the age of 16 years;
- who is a student of any course of a medical university, medical college or has a specialized secondary medical education
- has health certificates on hand,
Directions of our activity:
- Assistance to medical personnel in state budgetary healthcare institutions
- Organization of medical supervision at events
- Popularization of a healthy lifestyle
- Assistance in vocational guidance of schoolchildren
- Public health education classes

Regional Coordinator is Makarova Anna +7 917 856-38-36
Assistance to medical personnel in hospitals
Coordinator of the direction is Semin Daniil
Sanitary and preventive education of the population
Coordinator of the direction is Gilmutdinova Elvina
ART- group
Coordinator of the direction is Chebysheva Raisa
Event volunteering
Coordinator of the direction is Badertdinov Ibrahim
Dental movement "Healthy Smiles"
Head of the direction is Savelyeva Oksana