Student press center

Подписано простой электронной подписью: Седелков Дмитрий Владимирович.

We are the student press center of Kazan State Medical University, a friendly team of active guys who realize themselves in addition to studying in various media directions, among us there are photographers, videographers, layout designers, SMM specialists, journalists and TV journalists.

Join us on social networks VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook, where you can find all the necessary information about student life, view photos, videos and listen to playlists from events.


Our goal is to create the most complete image of the Kazan State Medical University in the information space with the help of high-quality content. We are always at the epicenter of the most important events of the university, and not a single event can do without us.

The basis of the content published on various sites of the information space is information about the educational process, social and scholarship support for students, public events at the university, regional, all-Russian and international levels, cultural, creative, scientific and sports activities.

The Student Press Center was founded in 2011 by a group of initiative students of Kazan State Medical University, consisting of 5 people. It was then that they first began to collect information about the events taking place at the university and publish it in their own black-and-white newspaper "DOCTOR +". Many years of continuous improvement have passed, and today the Student Press Center is the largest organization of the Kazan State Medical University, including more than 60 students for whom the media sphere has become an integral part of self-realization.

Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte social media accounts (conducted entirely in English), Kazan Medical University website, KSMU Mobile mobile application and, of course, DOCTOR + magazine have been formed for 9 years.

The magazine "DOCTOR+" is published quarterly and is the quintessence of the life of the Kazan State Medical University. Any student and teacher can get acquainted with the journal in electronic form on the official website of the Kazan State Medical University and on social networks.

Awards of the "Student Press Center of Kazan State Medical University":
• Winners of the All–Russian competition of student publications and young journalists "MEDIAVESNA - 2018" in the nomination "Best video material on creative topics".
• Laureates of the XIV Annual Student Award of the Republic of Tatarstan "Student of the Year – 2018". The Student press Center of Kazan State Medical University is the winner in the nomination "Student Media of the Year".
• Winner in the nomination "Project of the Year" of the Republican Award for Personnel Support in the field of state youth policy #One Wave in 2019.